lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

★~「New Project」

The last saturday Octuber 27  I finally found the impossible purple vinyl imitation crocodile!

3 years ago I thought "I want a Jasmine You's cosplay" and for more or less two years I said "I want THAT Jasmine You's cosplay" since then I have searched the right purple fabric, and finally I found it!

this cosplay for me is the most beautiful thing in the world! is great, difficult, full of details, interesting colors, fine fabrics, heavy makeup, elegant and is one of the looks that I liked from a member of my favorite band.

I'm sure I never will look as Jasmine You, as beautiful as EVER! I'm not the type of cosplayers seem looking at the character as much as possible because one of the most interesting things is the caracterization and wherever possible be "Me dressed like . . ." However to didn't find suitable fabrics always decrease the quality of the suit and have found the perfect fabric for the corset now gives me enough confidence to continue my cosplay's log, I'll start in December!!!

The last week I have been looking for some gems to the necklace, But unfortunately I coudn't found it, so I bought a par of earrings, so cheap earrings almost similar to the gems I was looking for.

I don't really like them but, . . . .  the result is the same in fact maybe my necklace will be not seen because the wig and everything else.

So cheap earrings!!!!!

Finally I found the enought amount of diamonts the all the details of roses and fabric!!!

And this gem! so beautiful in fact was a little expensive nooooop! no really at all x,D

just 1 dolar! I want to buy a gem like this in the gems store and was so expensive almost 6 dlls. or 8 dlls. so I'm glad to found this at time!

so colorfull!

trying Makeup!

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