sábado, 25 de junio de 2011

★New Blog

Bienvenue sur mon nouveau
blog, enfin BLOGGER, Voila!
Je vais parle de ma vies, de jour en jour, mais j'ai l'intention de parler surtout de TS2
J'ai l'intention . . . . . L'intention
maintenant, j'ai un blog personnel qui j'utilise fréquemment
Well, well, stop to parle française, je ne pas parler française, bien . . .
I had the intention to get a new blog, because Ameba is nice, I stalk to many japanese lovers . . . But is so boring . . . sometimes, specially because I can put all the widgets I want and I had problems using AmebaVision . . .

Sooo I thought get a NAVER is a wonderful blog, BUT is impossible for a foreign like me. . .
So, I remember YAM but is so simple, I remember Yaplog but, I had a Yaplog and is the same, so I came to BLOGGER !

and my surprise was like is EXTREMELY EASY to use, no only because is in english but also because is easyyyy, I can't explain it, is just for dummies! . . . .
Like me! jajajajaajaja I love you Blogger!

I'm preparing some sims to upload here the pictures of them,
as I said I would like to upload mostly pictures, histories and my legacy of TS2.

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